Environmental and nature protection has a great significance in this small country. Natural beauties can be found in every part along the way from north to south, east to west. There are around 20 national parks and nature parks from which every brings their unique story. It is hard to describe the beauty of these parks so we recommend you to try to implement into your vacation a trip to one of those. Many has said that Croatia with its parks is a true heaven on Earth.

National Park Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls

has a diversity of plant and animal species, nature beauties, clear water, many small lakes that all make a connected system which make this national park. There are 16 lakes connected with waterfalls that makes amazing breathtaking scenes. Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls are among 3 the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and is visited by nearly 2 million people every year.

National park Krka river Waterfalls

is second most visited park after Plitvice Lakes. It is filled with waterfalls, vivid river with many fish species. The thing that makes this Park attractive and interesting are animal endemic species you can only see here. Krka National Park is located 20 km from coastal town of Sibenik.

National park Kornati Archipelago

got it status in 1990 which is well earned. Rugged coastline is made of 89 islands and islets. Only ¼ of total surface is land. This park tells a story of hard life on man in s mostly stone area. Even tough in the first appearance it doesn’t seem like it, Kornati are home to many animals and plants. Crystal clear sea gives you the possibility to see diverse specific species of beautiful chorals.
It is impossible to capture the totality of beauty of Croatia’s most beautiful and largest Adriatic bay and nature park, Telašćica. Telašćica as a part of Kornati Archipelago National Park has numerous coves, capes and rocks that make the safest harbor for those who sail. You can try many activities in this Park like diving, fishing, cruising with a boat, riding a bike, or just walking around. If you are lucky enough you can even see the dolphins and spend time with them in the aquatorium of the Park. You can also enjoy in one of the 25 small beaches.

National Park Brijuni islands

on the southwest part of Istria is truly one of the treasures. It is made od 12 small islands on which from ancient times were located many luxurious villas and estates. It is said that Brijuni are true oasis of well synchronized wildlife. Many birdwatchers come here to see over 250 different species of birds. There are many attractions and beauties in the offer of this park. You can take a tourist train ride trough safari-park, see luxurious villa in bay Verige, see some of the exhibitions that are set up there and maybe take a trip to archaeological museum.

National Park Mljet Island

is first marine protected area in Croatia. It is filled with delicate smells of autohtonic herbs, rich colours, untouched natural beauties and endemic species. National park takes only third of the island. Historical legacy of island Mljet goes deep in the past filling small settlements with many archaeological findings. You can visit this park in any time of the year and still be amazed with the beauty and nature, mediterranean air and culture of the whole island. Mljet is located south of Korcula island.

National Park Paklenica

is a small park with only 95 kilometers square but is filled with scabs, pits, caves and other karst phenomenons that are made cause of the structure based on dolomite and limestone. This is where the highest peaks of the Velebit Mountain are located. Paklenica itself is a challenging rock-climbing treat. You can meet Paklenica by hiking trough many paths that lead to highest peaks of this mountain. Season of hiking begins in early spring and ends in late fall. Paklenica National Park is located on the south part of Velebit Mountain, on the sea side following the canyon of Zrmanja river.

National park Velebit Mountain

even though is astonishing in its biodiversity, when you ask people about the mountain, everyone will tell you about the experience they had when they were there. It is beyond dispute that one part of that experience has to do with the beauty of unity and interaction of the plant and animal world, mountain peaks, the underground, cultural and historical heritage. But the other part is the spirit and the tranquility you will have on your tour trough Velebit. Velebit is second highest mountain in Croatia, located on the coast of the North Dalmatia, above Zadar town and stretching north up to the Kvarner. This area is known for extremely strong north wind called bura.

On December 23, 2003, the highest wind gust in Croatia was measured on the A1 motorway, between the Sveti Rok and Maslenica tunnels, at the Božići viaduct. At that time, one of the few wind speed measuring instruments that managed to withstand wind gusts at all, recorded a speed of 307 km / h, which is the highest ever measured wind speed in Croatia.

But this happens rarely, and in the cold winter time. In summer time, there is no bura wind.

Nature Park Biokovo Mountain

People say that it is a mountain with the roots in the sea and a peak in the lightnings. From the highest peak you can enjoy the view on one side to Croatian islands, open sea and even on the sunny day see the Italy. The other side you gives you the view on the continental Croatia, other mountains and villages. Inside the Park you can visit the botanical garden Koština in which trough couple of tracks you can see many plant species and breathe in clear mountain air.

Nature Park Vransko Lake

located between Zadar and Šibenik is a lake with mediterranean climate. This lake is incredible merger of water and land, animal and plant life. It is covered with colorful flowers around which lovely butterflies and birds fly. It is a true heaven for birdwatchers because this lake is natural habitat for many species of birds. You can also enjoy 40 kilometers long bicycle path trough which you can enjoy aromatic smells of healing herbs and admire the scenery.

Nature Park Lastovo archipelago

gives you the crystal clear sea, landscape beauty, many coves, hidden beaches and lush forests trough 44 islands. Under the sea is home to many crabs, sponges and mollusks which makes a great spot for diving. While walking around also take a look on the chimneys on homes, you wont see two that are the same. The reason for that is that in the past they were the symbol of power and richness of the families so everyone wanted to be unique. All lovers of the sea, sun, beaches, magnificent wildlife, walking, boating, diving and quality food and wine visit Lastovo archipelago and allow yourself to enjoy life.

National Parks of Croatia are truly world wonders worth seeing. Look for villa to rent in location of national parks.

We prepared more info about National Parks of Croatia, enjoy and welcome!