Croatian Villas Specialist Portfolio

After 20 years of work in large Croatian wholesale companies, leading Sales, Purchase or Marketing departments, managing sales force or entire company businesses and negotiating the best sales conditions for those companies, traveling all over the world to purchase the best quality commodities for sale on the Croatian market, I learned everything that could be learned about doing business.

Therefore, 10 years ago, I started my own company but in tourism and real estate, where my impressive knowledge can bring satisfaction, not only for me and my company, but also to all of you whom me and my company serve in a way to find you the perfect villa for your Croatian holidays.

I developed my agency under my first brand of

My agency Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o. (Family Travel Agency d.o.o.) is registered and licensed by Croatian Ministry of Tourism and is listed in the Croatian National Tourist Board

Working in tourism makes me happy, and even more happy when I see my clients enjoying villas that me and my team recommended or offered.

I am native Croat, living and working in Split, largest city on the Croatian coast, placed in the heart of Dalmatia. I traveled the world, I’ve seen beautiful countries, but there are some specificalities of Croatia which put it on the pedestal as one of the most beautiful in the world. Those are for sure more than 1000 islands and islets of the Croatian Adriatic sea with white stone crowns surrounded with emerald-blue sea waters, crystal clear and clean sea, pebble shores, mild Mediterranean climate, many natural wonders such as Kornati Islands Archipelago, Plitvice 16 lakes waterfalls, Krka waterfalls, national parks of Mljet island, Velebit and Biokovo mountain and many others. In these beauties of Croatia there are numerous UNESCO heritage sites in Croatia, and a lot of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Croatia protected by UNESCO. Croatia is so much rich in cultural and historic heritage that Croats make jokes about it, saying that the whole Croatia should be protected by UNESCO because there are a lots of heritage sights all over Croatia and so many intangible goods in every Croatian region, so many historic heritage dating from Old Greeks and Old Romans who inhabited Croatian coast and islands and left so much heritage that lives even today. In my blog I will try to write more about all this extraordinary heritage and beauty preserved for all of use to enjoy and admire.

Here are some articles about my work as Croatian Villas Specialist in tourism and interviews in Croatian specialized magazines and newspapers and news portals where I talk about Croatian tourist market, about Croatian villas and perspective of tourism in Croatia, my advices to villa owners regarding requirements of guests, how to turn house into villa…

Here on my website I have set 4 categories and picked villas that are the best match for each of categories. I set up these 4 categories for simple division and to help you to quickly get impression about what Croatia offers in villas.

These 4 categories are:

Premium Quality Croatian Villas

High Quality Croatian Villas

Best Choice Croatian Villas

Bestseller Croatian Villas

Villas listed in these categories are my personal choice. Inside each villa listing I wrote my reasons why I marked villa in one of these categories.

We list about 500 top Croatian villas and about 100 high class apartments. Me and my team strive to offer you the best class of Croatian villas, therefore we checked, visited and inspected every villa, met owners, negotiated the best possible terms and signed contract with each to be sure they respect and operate under contract terms and Croatian laws about tourism.

Wishing you the best time of your life in one of Croatian villas!


Marija Bojcic