Dubrovnik is Croatia’s „Pearl of Adriatic” and one of the most picturesque spots on earth. It is a destination that will awaken all your senses. Dubrovnik – Romantic Wedding Destination represents a perfect combination of old and new, architecture and nature, peace and elegance and all the necessary commodities of a modern city.. You can enjoy ferry rides, island tours, quaint cafes, and strolling hand in hand through the walled city for a Dubrovnik destination wedding and honeymoon to remember. Alongside with its surrounding area, Dubrovnik as romantic wedding destination has countless beautiful locations that make the perfect place for your wedding ceremony. Dubrovnik offers a lot of beautiful places for your dream wedding , be it within the city’s historic walls, or somewhat further on the nearby terraces with the view on the Old city or even further, far enough from the tourists, yet still in the vicinity of the historic city to feel its pulse. It’s one of the cities and destinations that are surely worth visiting, so having your wedding in Dubrovnik, celebrating your love together with your friends and family will provide an experience you will never forget. This town will simply renew and regenerate your soul and body in general. On a other note, Dubrovnik offers rich gastronomy with plenty of restaurants and venues that are perfect for weddings and other events.

Dubrovnik - Romantic Wedding Destination

Here are some of the venues in Dubrovnik:

City’s Palaces

Palaces are perfect for those who seek for sense the spirit of past times. The Sponza Palace is gorgeous gothic-renaissance palace, situated at the end of the main street of the Old town – Stradun. In its beautiful atrium a breath of rich Dubrovnik history could also touch your unique day, the one that would be permanently recorded by all your family memory archives. Then there is The Rector’s Palace, a gothic palace with renaissance-baroque reconstructions. Today it is the Museum of Dubrovnik, and in its beautiful atrium classical concerts are held during Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The gorgeous stone staircase with stone balustrade makes the atrium’s coulisse within which your wedding could evoke memories of past times, and you could feel as if you were a real princess.

Dubrovnik - Romantic Wedding Destination

City’s Fortresses

Lovrjenac Fortress was built in the 14th century and was a key fortress for defense of Dubrovnik from the sea. The fortress had through history only fortification purpose, while in the recent years it has become a natural stage for performing dramas. With its beautiful sea view it is perfect for weddings. There is also Saint John Fortress based on Dubrovnik’s ancient walls. It hosts the aquarium and maritime museum, and the view from its roof is on the city’s port. Although it is not as private as some other locations because it is included in regular tour of the walls, for the adventurists that do not mind other people’s glances, this fortress would offer a heightened and unforgettable experience.

The Islands

The island of Dubrovnik are an ideal place for romantic weddings.Lokrum is situated just opposite the Old City! It is a reserved area of forest vegetation under the UNESCO’s protection and it is only 10 minutes away from the City by boat. Inside the island there is Dead Sea – the smallest sea in the world. For the wedding ceremony Lokrum offers several locations. Lopud Island ison the most romantic island out of over thousand Croatian islands! It is about an hour away from the city by boat. It is known for its gorgeous sand beaches. On the island there is Šunj, the most beautiful sand beach in Croatia, while on the opposite side of the island there is a Franciscan monastery and a beautiful garden from the 19th century. Koločep (Kalamota) offers an unforgettable sunset. It is the southernmost Croatian island that has two settlements, situated on the opposite sides of the island. You can sail in with the boat to Villa Ruža (Rose) and celebrate your unique day.

Dubrovnik - Romantic Wedding Destination

Church Wedding

The churches in Dubrovnik are probably the most romantic churches in the world. They’re a perfect blend of history and the city’s soul. You can choose either a baroque or renaissance church. Except for various Catholic churches, Dubrovnik has one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in Europe.

Other locations

Dubrovnik as Romantic Wedding Destination offers various locations for your special day. There is Orosula Park and Srđ Amphitheatre that is positioned on a hill above the city. You can also book numerous hotels and villas, such as this vintage villa by the sea erected in 1920s. Dubrovnik is rich in beaches, meaning it can fulfill your dreams about getting married barefoot watching sunset, surrounded by your loved ones. Another very special wedding venue is Cave Bar of the More Hotel in which during the building of the hotel, the builders accidentally found a cave and decided to make it a part of the hotel’s interior. The interior of the hotel bar is inside the cave, and its outside terrace stretches out to the sea.

Dubrovnik - Romantic Wedding Destination

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