Croatia is well known for its cuisine and Mediterranean Diet. All the way from top north regions of Istria to down south of Dubrovnik you can find delicious, fresh and healthy food. Mediterranean mix of fresh vegetables, fruit and fish restores bacteria linked to good health. Meat, olive oil, fine wine, cheese and other delicacies will create an unforgettable menu that will conquer your senses.
Croatia under the past influence of Romans and Greeks mixed with Hungarians, Viennese and Turks created a mixture of delicious flavors of the fish meals, meats, desserts and grew wine fields specific for every region. Let your taste travel across centuries of tradition and relish every moment.
Before you start your meal try some of aperitifs like famous Maraschino of Zadar or brandy’s made of pears, plums, figs, healing herbs. Continue your meal with great starters such as cheese from Pag, prosciutto from Drniš, kulen – spicy flavored sausage from Slavonia or try oysters and mussels from Ston and truffles from Istria.
Get to the main course and decide if you want to try meat dishes like turkey with mlinci, pašticada from Split, lamb from Pag island, sarma or try meals from peka – a specific type of roasting under the bell at the fireplace. If you are not in the mood for meat, choose from some of the delicious fish menu’s. Brodet is a fish stew made of several types of fish, maybe an octopus with potatoes under the above mentioned peka or grilled fish served with Swiss chard and boiled potatoes will be enough to intrigue your your taste buds.
Either you choose meat or fish it is inevitable to top that all of with virgin olive oil and fine local wine. To finish this Mediterranean feast in proper way try pastry desserts like kroštule, fritule, salenjaci, orahnjača or makovnjača, or some traditional cakes like rožata, paradižot, Skradin cake or cremeschnitte from Samobor.

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