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History of island Korcula

History of island Korcula

15 reasons to book your vacation in Croatia

15 reasons to book your vacation in Croatia: 1. Easy to reach Some Greek islands take four hours to reach by plane. The Canaries? More like four-and-a-half. Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula are all just two-and-a-half hours away or less. 2. Hot weather Croatia is one of Europe’s sunniest spots. Visitors should expect 12 hours […]

PROS and CONS of living in Croatia

PROS and CONS of living in Croatia Unspoiled, relaxed, beautiful, and safe, Croatia is one of Europe’s loveliest treasures. Everything a discriminating visitor–or homebuyer–is looking for can be found right here: crystal-clear seas, timeless fishing villages and unspoiled beaches, Roman ruins, a pristine lake district, and medieval walled cities. Every twist and turn of the […]

Weddings on the Croatian coast

Weddings on the Croatian coast

Why should you include Croatia on your wish list in 2021?

Why should you include Croatia on your wish list in 2021? We can all agree that 2020 was totally unpredictable year that shook the economy, especially tourism industry. Full of history and its natural wonders, Croatia has been ranked among the 20 most desirable destinations in 2021, according to the survey conducted by The US […]

Croatia’s top destinations in 2021

Croatia’s top destinations in 2021 Traveling around Croatia guarantees you a unique and memorable holiday experience. While everyone has now heard of Split, Zadar, Sibenik and Dubrovnik here are some of the less famous, but equally beautiful destinations. Ston Ston is a small town on Peljesac Peninsula, situated about 54 km from Dubrovnik. Ston is […]

Dubrovnik – Romantic Wedding Destination

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s „Pearl of Adriatic” and one of the most picturesque spots on earth. It is a destination that will awaken all your senses. Dubrovnik – Romantic Wedding Destination represents a perfect combination of old and new, architecture and nature, peace and elegance and all the necessary commodities of a modern city.. You can […]

National Parks of Croatia

Environmental and nature protection has a great significance in this small country. Natural beauties can be found in every part along the way from north to south, east to west. There are around 20 national parks and nature parks from which every brings their unique story. It is hard to describe the beauty of these […]

Marco Polo was Croatian Traveler and Explorer

Marco Polo was Croatian Traveler and Explorer born on the island of Korcula  in 1254. (in Venetian times it was part of the Venetian Republic and Korcula was called Curzola). Korcula takes big pride in being a birthplace of this worldly renowned traveler and to this day a surname Polo (another variant is De Polo) [...]

Are Croatian Beaches suitable for Kids?

Beautiful Croatian beaches will leave you breathless. You will find out that there are a lots of beaches far more beautiful than sandy beaches. Such examples are Croatian beaches: rocky, pebble, gravel… hidden, in shade of pine trees, with crystal clear and clean sea water, mostly suitable for kids (pebble beaches).

Zadar Croatia Traveler Info

Zadar Croatia Traveler Info Zadar is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic. Its almost three thousand years origins are the reason why Zadar is full of historical and cultural monuments. Today Zadar is a preserved monument of different historical times and cultures that have placed their mark in the urban appearance. Full of [...]

Explore Split Gastronomy Culture and Heritage

Split is a unique city, filled with various types of fun, explore Split gastronomy culture and heritage! It suitable for literally everyone. Split is known as a child-friendly city so families with children are very welcome. Young people who just want to have fun have a great number of night clubs to go to, and not to forget the Ultra Europe festival that is held in the first weekend of July. Seniors who are exploring and traveling the world looking for great heritage and new experiences can find everything they are looking for right here in Split. For those with a bit of adventure spirit Split and its surrounding have a rich offer of active holiday programs. And for those who want a quite holiday with just chilling and enjoying the sun and the beaches, Split has a lot to offer. Many diverse beaches in Split have all amenities for relaxing.