Stone Villas

Croatia is famous for its centuries old stone villas and houses that resisted all adversities through time. These old farmhouses and stone cottages of the past have increasingly been adapted to accommodate today’s luxurious living standards. They breathe the old charm compiled with modern facilities. Experience authentic local settings on these prior farmlands, woodlands and in small seaside old fishermen towns.

From the north upper state Istria all the way to the Dalmatia’s south part of Dubrovnik and on the islands of the Croatian Adriatic Sea, you can find numerous stunning stone villas. Istria or Croatian Tuscany as some call it, is a place that breaths charm and rustic ambient. Some of Croatia’s elite vines like Sauvignon, Merlot, Teran, Malvazija are characteristic for Istria and Posip, Postup, Plavac mali, Dingac, Ivan Dolac are famous wines from Dalmatian seaside sunny hills .

Also olive oil from this areas is recognizable for its quality and is a prize winner at many competitions. One more unique characteristic of Istria are truffles which are a culinary hit that is hard to resist to. Southern part of Croatia’s coastline is Dalmatia which has a long tradition of building stone houses, pebbled streets and paved squares. Gem of stone building is definitely the Diocletian palace that is build in fourth century AD and still is standing after 1700 years. Even so, people still live in it and do they everyday chores. It is made from famous stone of island Brac, as many of villas in our offer through Dalmatian coast. You can find peace and quiet in idyllic stone house and welcoming atmosphere.

Our stone villas in areas whichever you choose guarantee you dream vacation giving you great authentic ambient together with delicious gastronomy offer of Istria and Dalmatia.

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For any additional information that you have, please feel free to contact us, we are locals, native Croats, working and living in Split, heart of Dalmatia.

Stone Villas in Croatia

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