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CroatianVillasRent.com is part of the brend of LuxuryCroatia.net, both owned by Travel Agency Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o. (Family Travel Agency d.o.o.), therefore where ever in this text is listed LuxuryCroatia.net that applies in same way and meaning to CroatianVillasRent.com

By making a booking with CroatianVillasRent.com and LUXURYCROATIA.NET , you are entering into an legally binding agreement between you as the tenant and the owner of the holiday home (homeowner). Terms and conditions listed here are part of the agreement.
LUXURYCROATIA.NET is trade mark of the registered and licensed Croatian tourist agency, company name Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o., ID Code: HR-B-21-060209791, with office in Split, address: 15.studenog 1991, br.3. Žnjan, 21000 Split, office telephone: +385 21 77 9999, working hours from 9am (9:00) to 5pm (17:00). For urgent matters call mobile (whatsup, viber) or send sms text message to: +385 98 98 13931 or email us at: [email protected] or [email protected].


LUXURYCROATIA.NET acts as the intermediary of the homeowner and shall be only liable as such. Where reference is made in these booking conditions to LUXURYCROATIA.NET taking an action, that action is taken on behalf of the homeowner. The booking of holiday homes shall always be subject to these booking terms and conditions, which, together with the rental voucher, form the rental agreement between you as the tenant and the homeowner. Any amendments to the rental agreement shall only be valid if they appear in writing. If you choose to buy any additional services or products from the homeowner, or should you be provided with any additional services or products not included in the rental agreement, such as tickets to a waterpark or an amusement park or similar, these additional services or products will represent a separate agreement between you and the owner of the holiday home or the facilitator of the service/product.

After confirmed booking, the tenant will receive by mail the document – voucher from the LUXURYCROATIA.NET, containing dates which are booked, reference number of the holiday home booked, directions and instructions on how to find the keys to the holiday home with contact of the manager or key holder, address of the holiday home and GPS coordinates, total amount of booking, paid amount and balance to be paid. On the day of the booking of the holiday home the lead tenant must be at least 18 years old.

Tenant has to leave from holiday home no later than 10 a.m. on the day of departure.
Unless otherwise agreed with LUXURYCROATIA.NET, the holiday home may not be used for any purpose other than a holiday. The stated square metres of the house are approximate, but number and specification of bedrooms is precisely defined for every holiday home on the LUXURYCROATIA.NET website.

At any time, the holiday home and the property belonging to it may be occupied by no more than the number of people stated on our website and in the voucher. That number includes children regardless of their age. The only exceptions are houses with the option of bringing one additional child (less than 4 years old) without additional payment.
If the house or the property is being occupied by more people than the maximum number allowed, the homeowner or LUXURYCROATIA.NET shall be entitled to request the additional people to leave the holiday home without notice or to pay extra if homeowner agrees. If the tenant does not comply with this request within 12 hours, the homeowner shall be entitled to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect and to oblige all occupants to leave the holiday home without further notice and with no refund.

In some houses pets are not allowed. However, neither the homeowner nor LUXURYCROATIA.NET can guarantee that there have not been any pets in the house on prior occasions or that the homeowner does not have pets. Neither the homeowner nor LUXURYCROATIA.NET assumes any responsibility for the tenant’s allergic reactions as a result of pets having been in any of the holiday homes.

Occasionally tenants may unexpectedly experience noise from construction sites, traffic, noise from the beach etc. Neither the homeowner nor LUXURYCROATIA.NET can be held accountable for unexpected noise.

If the homeowner places a boat at the tenant’s disposal for free, the tenant, being the borrower, shall be responsible for the use of the boat, and the tenant shall also bear the responsibility that all equipment required by law is present during use of the boat. If the use of the boat requires a statutory licence, maritime licence or similar, the tenant shall be responsible for obtaining such licence and for presenting it if so requested. All people who use the boat shall wear fitted life jackets. The tenant shall be responsible to ensure that everybody uses the life jackets, and neither the homeowner nor
LUXURYCROATIA.NET shall be obligated to place life jackets at the tenant’s disposal. Neither the homeowner nor LUXURYCROATIA.NET can be held liable for accidents, damage or injuries relating to the use of the boat.

For safety reasons, the tenant shall follow any instructions from the homeowner related to the use of a swimming pool if the holiday home includes one. The tenant shall be responsible for any use of the swimming pool. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed around the pool area or in the pool itself without the supervision of an adult.
Unless otherwise stated, all prices are stated in EURO (EUR) per accommodation unit per day. In moment when tenant inform the LUXURYCROATIA.NET that he would like to book holiday home, LUXURYCROATIA.NET will send by mail to tenant the proforma invoice. In proforma invoice will be amount of the downpayment. By paying this amount, tenant confirm the booking. The booking shall be immediately binding for tenant, LUXURYCROATIA.NET and home owner, after advance payment or first payment part received by LUXURYCROATIA.NET .
When the tenant’s booking has been confirmed by first payment, LUXURYCROATIA.NET will send the tenant written document as the confirmation of the booking. That document is voucher in which will be confirmed amount already paid, and stated the total rental amount to be charged and amount left to be paid, and directions to the rented home with contact of the holiday home manager or key holder. Final invoice containing full amount paid for the booking, will be issued by the home owner at the end of the stay in rented home.
The tenant will be informed about all the mandatory surcharges, the exact prices of the desired services and possible cash deposits, as well as their payment methods, when LUXURYCROATIA.NET will be sending the proforma invoice.

Payment conditions are not the same for all holiday homes. Only the booking confirmation payment is condition that is same for any holiday home, but amount vary according to the price of the holiday home rental (it is usually 30-50% of the total amount). To confirm booking, tenant must pay part of the total amount in advance. LUXURYCROATIA.NET will send proforma invoice with exact amount for downpayment (part of the amount to be paid in advance to confirm booking). Balance (the rest of booking amount) has to be paid according to the home owner policy, which can be: on the arrival day in the holiday home in cash to the home owner/manager, 30-45 days before arrival to the agency account by bank transfer or credit card or PayPal or onto home owner account by bank transfer. Tenant will be informed on time, before downpayment, by LUXURYCROATIA.NET about payment policy for booked holiday home.
The downpayment (advance payment to confirm reservation) shall be due immediately after proforma invoice sent by LUXURYCROATIA.NET to the tenant email and has to reach LUXURYCROATIA.NET no later than 3-4 working days after the proforma invoice has been sent to the tenant.
If the payment is not received by LUXURYCROATIA.NET in 4 working days, this shall be regarded as a breach of agreement and LUXURYCROATIA.NET shall be entitled to terminate the rental agreement without notice but will give notice to the tenant before termination and release the reserved dates and put it back on the market.
The payment for the booking can be made by bank transfer or by credit card or PayPal. Credit card payment is secured by PayPal safety pay way. Handling fee may apply.
If there will be increase in taxes by the government, LUXURYCROATIA.NET will increase prices accordingly, and informed related tenant about it. However, in most cases, this will not affect already booked/paid reservations.

Cases when paid booking is refundable:
LUXURYCROATIA.NET seeks to offer the tenant the best possible security. The following conditions shall apply in case when tenant can make the cancellation and expect refund (partly or full):
The cancellation protection shall apply in these cases:
1. In case when the tenant entering into the rental agreement or their spouses, children, parents, pass away or contract an acute illness or serious injury requiring hospitalisation which will prevent tenant to use the rental home, or anything of a similar character. Tenant is obliged to prove the statements above with relevant documents from relevant institutions. The cancellation in this case depend on the following conditions:
The tenant shall inform LUXURYCROATIA.NET of the illness no later than 24 hours after the occurrence of the illness (hospitalization) or death, in writing and send proof of the incident warranting cancellation, i.e. a doctor’s statement, death certificate or police report, no later than 3 days from the time of notification. The fee for issuing any certificates, reports or statements shall be paid by the tenant.
Refund is not applicable after tenant’s arrival to the holiday home. There is no cover after the commencement of the rental period, nor are early departures refund included.
In the case of a successful claim, the rental amount, less a EUR 100 administration fee shall be refunded to the tenant. However, home owner cancelation policy can also apply and can be slightly different from here stated.
2. If the homeowner cannot put the holiday home at the tenant’s disposal as agreed due to insolvency, serious damage on holiday home, overdue renovation works or other reason caused by holiday home owner. Wherever possible LUXURYCROATIA.NET will offer an alternative holiday home to the tenant, or refund the paid amount.
3. Cases when there is no refund:

In case when tenant, after downpayment, decide to cancel reservation, downpayment is non-refundable.
In case when tenant make balance payment (total amount of the booking), but cancel reservation within 30 days before rental period or do not show in the rented home, there is no refund.
In case when tenant want to leave rented home before the last day of the rented period.
The refunding guarantee cannot be claimed in the event of force majeure.
If tenant decide to leave from the holiday home before the end of the rental period it shall be at the tenant’s own expense and risk. The tenant is losing the right for compensation or a price reduction in this case.

The tenant shall leave the house tidy and thoroughly cleaned and garbage taken out of the holiday house. Tenant has to leave the house in same condition as it was when tenant entered the house on arrival day. Some holiday home owners organize final cleaning at extra price which tenant has to pay (and will be informed in moment of reservation about this). The tenant shall not be allowed to let any third party do the cleaning. If the final cleaning is included in the rental price or the tenant has ordered final cleaning, this will not exempt the tenant from the obligation to do the dishes, empty the refrigerator, clean the oven and the outdoor grill and tidy up in and around the holiday home before departure.

The tenant shall treat the rented premises in a responsible manner, and the tenant must return the rented premises in the same condition as they were received. The tenant shall be liable to the homeowner for any damage to the holiday home and/or its inventory/furniture/ appliances or facilities committed during the rental period by the tenant or others who were given access to the rented holiday home by the tenant. If the tenant is responsible for damage or the disappearance of inventory/furniture/appliances or facilities in the holiday home, damage amount will be deducted from the tenant’s damage deposit (which is deposited to the holiday home owner on arrival day, and returned on departure day if there is no damage). Damage to the holiday home and/or its inventory made during the rental period must be reported to LUXURYCROATIA.NET, the homeowner or its representative immediately.

If the tenant, when taking over the holiday home, observes insufficient cleaning, damage to or defects of the holiday home, the tenant should file a complaint immediately. Complaints should be made to the homeowner, its representative or LUXURYCROATIA.NET
The complaint should be forwarded in writing to:
LUXURYCROATIA.NET attn: Complain Dept, Croatia, 15.studenog 1991, br.3. Znjan, 21000 SPLIT or via email to split(@)luxurycroatia.net
Any liability for damages shall only include direct damage in holiday home. Neither LUXURYCROATIA.NET nor the homeowner can be made liable for any indirect damage (consequential damage) or any damage of a non-financial character (non-pecuniary loss).
Obligations of the tenant:
– to present the voucher with the clearly indicated number of persons and type of services to be provided, to the home owner/manager, on the day of arrival at the booked accommodation unit;
– to obey the House rules in the accommodation unit booked (standard house rules are listed down below in section of ADDITIONAL INFORMATION which is also part of this agreement), and cooperate in good will with the home owner or service providers.
If the tenant does not comply with these regulations, the tenant can be denied of accommodation service provision and in this case the tenant is not entitled to claim the compensation or the refund of the paid amount.

Most of the holiday home owners have insurance for people in the holiday home, for all accidents that can occur inside or on the property of the home owner. However, it is obligation of the tenant to control his kids around pool.
Traveling insurance is to be secured by tenant itself, as that is not subject to services or obligation of LUXURYCROATIA.NET or home owners.

LUXURYCROATIA.NET is the intermediary for the renting of holiday homes and is not the owner of these. All contractual and legal responsibilities and obligations shall therefore rest with the homeowner alone. LUXURYCROATIA.NET shall safeguard the homeowner’s interests in connection with the completion of the booking.

In case of disputes, the case shall be brought in the jurisdiction area, where the holiday home is located and shall be resolved according to Croatian law, which is agreed between the parties.
If the completion of the tenancy is made impossible or difficult to a significant degree due to events/ force majeure, e.g. war, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pollution disasters, drought, other extraordinary weather conditions, epidemics, the closing of borders, traffic conditions,
the interruption of currency trading, strikes, lockouts and similar force majeure which were not foreseeable at the time when the rental agreement was entered into, LUXURYCROATIA.NET and the homeowner shall be entitled to cancel the rental agreement as neither the homeowner nor LUXURYCROATIA.NET can be held liable in the above cases. In the case of force majeure, LUXURYCROATIA.NET shall be entitled to retain all amounts paid to LUXURYCROATIA.NET by the tenant.

Neither the homeowner nor LUXURYCROATIA.NET can be held liable for cases of insect attacks in the holiday home or on the property, nor for theft,
damage to or similar circumstances relating to the tenant’s property.
In the event of any conflict with these booking conditions and any other written agreement made between the tenant and LUXURYCROATIA.NET, these booking conditions shall prevail.
The holiday homes are subject to availability.
LUXURYCROATIA.NET is not liable for any picture or printing errors.
LUXURYCROATIA.NET has communicated all information in the brochures and on our website as accurately as possible. As the holiday homes are
privately owned, changes might occur in the information given. LUXURYCROATIA.NET shall not be responsible for such changes.
LUXURYCROATIA.NET reserves the right to amend its booking conditions from time to time and any amended booking conditions will be published on the website. However, in moment of booking, tenant will be instructed by the LUXURYCROATIA.NET team to read and understand these terms and conditions.
Any business use of our brochures or websites, including any reproduction in whole or in part, is prohibited under the current legislation.

ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION section down below is part of this rental agreement.
© Copyright January 2017.

The following is useful information when you plan your holiday with LUXURYCROATIA.NET

1. Arrival and departure
If not stated otherwise, the arrival time is always between 16.00 (4 P.M) and 20.00 (8 P.M) and the departure time from the holiday home is always no later than 10 A.M. (10.00). You will receive the key to the holiday home by the manager or owner who will meet you in home or at some agreed point nearby.
The holiday home owner would like to know the time of your arrival although this is within the period stated. If you are delayed, please inform the holiday owner or his representative. Please note that even if you arrive earlier than stated at the holiday home, the key is handed out to you on the initially stated arrival time. Arrival at a later time than stated is only possible on prior inquiry and with acceptance from the holiday home owner, for very late arrival extra fee may apply. Departure earlier than 8.00 (8 am) is possible if home owner accept it. Home owner has to make inspection of home before your departure, if no damage, you get back damage deposit.

Most of the villas require minimum 7 days stay in months of July and August, and arrivals/departures on Saturday.
2. About holiday home
The square meters stated in the house description are approximate. Most holiday homes are individual, privately owned holiday homes. The homes are decorated according to the owner’s taste.
The holiday homes contain duvets and pillows for the number of persons allowed in the holiday homes. The guests need to bring their own cleaning supplies, toilet paper etc. in cheaper holiday homes.
Bed linen and towels are included in the rental price, and are changed every 7 days, in more expensive homes twice per week, or every day, depending on the service provided. Also consumption of electricity and water and gas for cooking is included in the rental price.
In Croatia, water from pipes connected to city water system is drinking water of high quality. In kitchens there is usually hot water in small 5 liter boiler, there is dish washing machine. There is clothes washing machine in the bathroom or loundry room, and eventually clothes drying machine.
The supply of hot water in bathrooms for showering is often from a boiler which contains approx. 50 litres of hot water. This is often connected to an automatic electricity saving program and is never to be turned off.

Please never flush or throw paper towels, diapers or feminine product, nappies, cotton balls, sanitary towels and the like into the toilet, it will get stuck and stop working.
There is usually air-condition device in living room and in each of bedrooms to cool the air so you can feel comfortable. Important is that you close the windows when air-condition is working. This way you will cool the space quickly. Please take care of your health and not to cool the space too low temperature, as you could get stroke by the heat when you get out of the over cooled interior.
It is not allowed to bring any weapon, inflammable or explosive substances and products with strong or unpleasant smell into the rented home.
The tenants are requested not to disturb the peace of the neighbours and other customers from 14:00 to 17:00 and from 22:00 to 8:00.
The tenants are obliged to take care of their personal things and valuables left in the accommodation. The owners will not be responsible in case of any disappearance, we advise then the tenants to always close and lock the doors and windows when they go out or put their valuables in the safe inside the house if it is provided.
Use of soap, shampoo and the like is not permitted in the swimming pool or whirlpool. Outdoor swimming pools are available from approx. 1 May – 30 September, depending on the weather. Note that some outdoor pools usually do not have a heating element, but are only heated by air temperature.
Most of holiday homes offer free of cost internet access.

All distance indications are estimated measures in aireal linear distance from the property to the closest shore/coast and should only be considered as means of orientation. The distance stated for grocery shopping states the distance to the nearest grocery store, mini market or supermarket. Please note that some stores are only open during the peak season and that the distance to the nearest stores might be considerably longer in the middle season and off-season.
Damage deposit is paid usually in cash on arrival day and returned to the tenant if no damage, on departure day, after owner’s inspection of rented home.
Costs for heating or cooling which usually included in the rental amount within electricity consumption. If otherwise, tenant pay per consumption.
Most of holiday homes have final cleaning service included in rental amount. Some holiday homes charge this service extra (100-200 EUR approximatelly). The tenant has to pay for the cleaning on arrival at the house or with the downpayment. The price for the end cleaning (in Euros or local currency) will be mentioned in the house description.
Even though the final cleaning is included or has been ordered, you have to empty the dish washer, do the dishes and garbage take out of the house to the garbage containers on the street.
The tenant is responsible for leaving the house and premises in the same condition as when the rental period commenced.
Some holiday home owners do not want guests to bring pets into the holiday home. This will be indicated in the holiday home description. LUXURYCROATIA.NET cannot guarantee that there has never been a pet in the holiday home. We firmly request that you respect this rule.
If you wish to bring your pets in home where it is allowed, please inform us of this when booking the holiday home. Please bring all necessary vaccination documentation (ask your veterinarian).
Some holiday home owners want their houses to remain smoke-free. This will be indicated as a non-smoking holiday home in the description and the holiday home owner might highlight this in the holiday home.
Agency cannot guarantee or control that the smoking ban is being kept but we strongly request that guests respect the ban.
The information on the website replaces all of our prior information and shall serve as the basis for your reservations.
Please note that there might be other sources to allergies in holiday homes even if pets are not allowed. Most of holiday homes have moskito nets on the windows or electric parfume to eliminate moscitos from the interior spaces. These devices can be purchased in local supermarkets.
Allergies in general: LUXURYCROATIA.NET takes no responsibility for the tenant’s allergic reactions in any holiday home. For need of doctor, home owner will provide nearest local ambulance doctor location.
LUXURYCROATIA.NET cannot control construction activities in the area. There might be noise from construction activities near the holiday home. Please always bear in mind that business must operate, also in holiday areas. Furthermore, you might experience noise from the beach or street in summer time when there are tourist crowds.

Tourist taxes
tourist fee/tax (city tax) is usually inside rental price, but in some rental homes can be charged separately, by the house owner. The fee will be charged upon arrival and may vary from each municipality. Usually it is 1 EUR per adult person per day, for children age 12 – 18 is 0,5 EUR, and childred under 12 years do not pay. When you arrive to your holiday home, the owner or manager will need your passports in order to register the tenants in the tourist board. Also if there is balance payment to be paid by the tenant, it is paid in that moment of arrival into holiday home.

Sauna: Please do not pour water on the sauna oven as this can lead to serious damage or power outage.

GPS Coordinates are provided in the voucher to easy find your rented home. The GPS coordinates provided in the travel directions lead you to the holiday home, there is also address of the holiday home provided in the voucher. In case that you are not able to find your holiday home, please contact your reservation officer from LUXURYCROATIA.NET to help you or home owner or key holder, whose contact is listed in voucher which you got from LUXURYCROATIA.NET.