Croatian Lighthouses

Want the whole island for yourselves? Rent a lighthouse for unique experience.
If you are looking for maximum relaxation, peace, tranquility and most of all privacy we have something special! Croatian Lighthouses are an ideal holiday accommodation for all nature lovers and those who want to run away from all the hustle and noise and for those who want something different, special, unique. In these past years, this kind of accommodation became more and more popular for its uniqueness and crystal blue shallows of Adriatic sea. They have the best position and the sea views located on some of the most beautiful spots of the Croatian coast.

In our offer there is a dozen of lighthouses all the way through Croatian coastline and aquatorium. Some of them are even operational so you can experience the life of the true lightsmen! Of course that doesn’t mean any physical work, but it is a unique feature you can try during your stay. You can choose from high class Croatian lighthouses with swimming pool and extra services (breakfast served every morning in the lighthouse!), to those which are more simple and deprived of luxury, concentrated to getting in touch with nature and with yourselves.

All of those lighthouses have an exceptional access to the sea, being just couple meters away from your bed. You can just wake up and jump into the sea or have a late night swim before going back to bed. Isolation is guaranteed in any one of them so you can dedicate to yourselves and just enjoy the life of Robinson being alone on the island. Transfers can be organized according to your needs, just contact us to arrange it.

Read more about Croatian destinations or contact us for advice about booking the best lighthouse that will accommodate your needs. Also you can check our tours and activities we offer to complete your stay.